Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Men were born in the wilderness

This is a thought for a young lady who is having a tough time with her guy. She made some tough decisions and things were working out. Then one of them came back to bite her in the ass and she's trying to make up for it.

"and now even after apologizing, sending an ecard and buying organic ice cream....NOTHING worked. All my efforts to fix the problem failed...I don't get it..I don't get him..."

That is awesome that you are making a HUGE effort to make him feel better! However, I'd like to toss my small blind in there.

ice cream is great.... if you are into that kind of thing (and maybe he is), but I think there are a few things that might be a bit better. guys don't dig ecards. ecards are for girls. We have a tendency to speak to others in our own love language. If that works for me, it will work for you! lol I'd guess that this only works like 15% of the time.

Try to touch his soul. remind him, indirectly, that he is a man. he is strong. he is a force to be reckoned with. he deserves the respect of everyone (more people than just you, so don't just say that you respect him - that would be like him calling you once a week and then after you are upset, saying that he loves you).

What does he enjoy that would do that? the only thing that hits my mind is poker. I don't know him like you do, but if I were you, I'd think of something manly and rugged that he may not think of. Would he go on a hike? Would he lead you up Gray Rock? Would he like an afternoon to go fishing? Would he like something else?
Make sure you get him outside, if not out of the city. Men are at home in the wild. Women are at home in the safe and secure. That's why they like ice cream, tea, and romance novels. They are safe. Men are at home in places that are NOT safe. The felt is not a safe place. It is where we do battle. We attack each other. We try to think of every possible way to gore our adversary's intestines onto the ground. We are warriors. Men were born in the wilderness. It is what brings us to life. A woman makes this battle of ours worthwhile. She is our inspiration... and our reward.

I'm sorry that you are having a tough time. I pray that things work out. You guys are good people. I'd be sad if you were to break it.

Wow, this is good. I'm blogging it.

My small blind...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I have been blessed

To be sure, I've been given a lot over the years. It seems that I have an abundance of computer stuff. I have three computers at the moment. I have a server that I'm working on, my daily workstation, and another smaller computer in my room that I use to watch family guy and futurama when I'm going to sleep. I call this computer Bacon. And I think I'm gonna give it away. I need to get a couple of things done with it, but as soon as I do, I'm getting rid of it. I guess I'll start with my friends and then go to my church. I don't need a computer in my room right now. If I feel the need later on, I can move the server in and go from there. (which means that I need to get on two things; 1 - getting ram for Cajun (the server), 2 - getting the wireless card setup on it.) I also need to pick up a monitor to give away with Bacon.
Hmmm.... well, I'm off to browse CL.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


So, today something happened that was inevitable, but unlikely the further along. I fell on my skateboard.... in the middle of College Ave. It really wasn't too bad, but I messed up my ankle. I think I sprained it pretty good. I guess I should spend some time at home.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

to a teenager

This is a reply to an email from a young teen that I know. She's having some fights with her parents.

"Girly, EVERYONE gets in fights with their parents. I'm no exception. It's def a stupid girl thing too though! :-D It's okay to be mad and confused. Just remember to take your time and be real with them. And by far the most important is to be open to their ideas. This is the stage when you think you know everything.
A little hint that some adults don't get: the point where you know everything comes when you realize that you know little to nothing and use common sense to figure things out. It's not about "knowing" more; it's about how you approach each item or task. Few people go at the same thing the same way. There are many ways of doing most things. Parents are focused on showing you the easiest ways so that you don't get hurt or have things cost you too much."

The reason that I posted this is that so many people think they KNOW stuff. They may know a lot of stuff, but it is usually irrelevant. They let their egos get in the way. I do it too! But, again, it goes back to the approach. If your fundamentals are sound, your approach will be too. You will be able to tackle anything. You may need help bringing it down! BUT! You already knew that!

We are a social species. Why we are built that way, I'm not sure. However, we are. And that means that we NEED each other. We NEED guys and girls nights out. We NEED a drinking buddy. We NEED wing men. We NEED lunch dates. We NEED our colleagues. We need each other. We need help and we need it often.
Mk, I'll stop beating this dead horse. You get the idea.

Monday, February 16, 2009


Elise has been added to the Italian Roast

information structure

This is a reply/discussion of sorts to Elise's recent post. She was waxing philosophical about what a global information infrastructure would look like from the perspective of an overloaded mind.

This is something that I've spend a fair amount of time thinking about. My degree (when I finish the paperwork in a month or two) is towards computer information science. I've thought a bit about what that would look like beyond technology. The more I think past technology, the more I see us going back to the way things were 60 years ago. People worked for a living. Really worked. We didn't sit at a desk and shuffle papers and broker deals. The men worked in the field or in a shop. We built stuff; stuff that lasted. Hard wood, cool metal. We sat down for dinner every night with our family. The women worked hard too. They toiled hard to make sure that we had a couple of nice meals each day. I miss those meals. They tasted SO good!

Anyway, back on topic. People had families over for dinner. They met for coffee. They had game nights. They *gasp* talked face to face! After dinner was always one of my favorite times. The adults would get together and talk and discuss and roll around. Everything from politics to religion to concepts and difficulties. All of those things that are now taboo, they talked about these things.

It was funny and the adults always laughed a bit about it, but they never gave me shit. There would be 5 or 6 adults talking about why some tax cut was good or bad and why. Then there would be this 5-10 year old named Chad, doing nothing but listening and drinking coffee. (Yes, I drank coffee at age 5.) One of my favorite places is at the feet of an old person. The wisdom and experience that our elders have is so valuable. I need to make this a regular event. Maybe I can add to my volunteering with this.
Maybe teaching elders how to blog. That is an idea! Then they won't only be sharing with me. HA! I'm digressing again from technology. Maybe it is just inevitable with me. I've grown up to the whir of the fan in a power supply and the jet engine sound of my hard drives.

I guess my main point with this post was to go back to people physically talking to each other. We need more of that. Yes yes.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

this was too precious

I couldn't not share it with everyone.

They's scurrrd of us!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I think this sums it up nicely

As I delve further and further into people, there are a few things that remain the same. One of which is each person's wound. The wounds are not unique. The way each person experiences them are unique. Here's another view from a woman's side of things. It is out of a great book that I would recommend to anyone trying to understand women or yourself if you are a woman.

"Few have ever felt so pursued. Sometimes we wonder if we’ve even been noticed. Father was too busy to come to our games, or perhaps he jumped ship altogether. Mother was lost in a never-ending pile of laundry or, more recently, in her own career. We come into the world longing to be special to someone and from the start we are disappointed. It is a rare soul indeed who has been sought after for who she is—not because of what she can do, or what others can gain from her, but simply for herself. Can you recall a time when a significant someone in your life sat you down with the sole purpose of wanting to know your heart more deeply, fully expecting to enjoy what he found there? More people have climbed Mt. Everest than have experienced real pursuit, and so what are we left to conclude? There is nothing in our hearts worth knowing. Whoever and whatever this mystery called I must be, it cannot be much.

“In fact,” we continue, “if I am not pursued, it must be because there is something wrong with me, something dark and twisted inside.” We long to be known, and we fear it like nothing else. Most people live with a subtle dread that one day they will be discovered for who they really are and the world will be appalled.

It is a wonder why women got jobs. Pffffft.

Monday, February 9, 2009

I hope

I hope that Obama reacts in a similar fashion.

Donkeys and pink elephants

I think that I have found one of the bigger roadblocks between democrats and republicans. Every time I hear a rep talk of trying to talk to a dem about politics, they say the same thing. You can't get a word in edgewise and even if you do, they won't listen to you. It's their way and that's it. There isn't even a highway. Typically, dems are so hard up on their ideas that they cannot listen. I tend to agree with this. However, I think it applies to reps too. They are just quieter and more "ethical" about it.

Alright, let's look at the mortgage limit. It was at 10 and now it's at 4. I'm not sure who oversees that (I'd guess the FED, but IDK). So let's say we have a businessman. He is an investor. For all practical purposes, that is all he does (for our example). He has 200 properties currently. He has 70 mortgages and owns 130 of the properties out right. Say he has $250,000 in cash and liquid assets. That isn't enough to buy a house outright. However, that is enough to put down several down payments and get a solid start on a mortgage (or three).

Being in the real estate business (read: working in a RE office as I'm not a broker), I keep hearing about how this is such a buyer's market. Rates are low on a historic level; equity is low vs likely future values; there are tons of properties being listed and put into the for sale databases/being foreclosed.

Now, put that cap on at 4. You can no longer get ANY financing for even well leveraged and backed projects. Your credit score is 912? Nope. You can back the project with 75% capital? Nope. This has stopped many development projects. You are this guy. What do you do? You can't invest in the most tangible investment in existence. The stock markets are a bit sketchy.

I look for venture capital opportunities. I'm looking for people similar to myself who want to start businesses that provide essentials to living that have solid business foundations. I'm looking at people looking to start a Costco, a grocery store, a Sam's. If I can help start one of these businesses with $150,000 of my cash/etc and some partners, I will have made a solid investment that creates a ton of jobs. Why not a $20k tax credit to business that are expanding and growing or even a new business! I'm sure there are more than a few small businesses that are looking to get off of the ground.

What would make it easier for me? People need to live. They need essentials: housing, food, a job. They will find ways to have fun past that. It is not my concern. I would like to see things loosened up for people looking to make things happen for these three priorities. Mr Obama, ease regulation for these people. Please!

I just saw an ad the other night on the internet somewhere. I think it was an Allstate ad. This company started in 1931. Who can say that? They have focused on "the basics." Our economy has been so bloated with saturated fatty acids like the formalities of advertising and making things bigger and more *fill in the blank*. Let's look at making milk cheaper; flour; beef. Let's get back to basics.

Do you see what I did there? I looked at the problem from a citizen's perspective. I looked at a possible solution. I talked it out. I really haven't read much about it all (other than some stuff to become educated enough to write the previous couple of posts). I didn't say that this group had got it right and this group had it wrong. There was no dem or rep. I took a problem that has been talked about and just thought things out. People seem to judge too much and too often. Please stop.

side note: The democrats seem to be more educated about things, but I'm not sure which is more focused on actually solving the problem(s); if either group is.

another side note: a good link I just found (

2 diff issues

In my last post, I was talking about two different issues. after rereading it, it looked like I was talking about one. The first issue was the first time home buyer tax credit. The second issue was the mortgage limit. sorry for the confusion.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Democrats are messing it up too

Even though Bush is no longer our fearless leader and the republicans are basically powerless, the democrats are making a bad situation worse.

I was really happy to hear about the first time home buyer credit of up to $15k. I was not happy with the limitation of financing past 4 houses. There are plenty of wealthy people who have cash on hand. Guess what these people want to do? They want to buy real estate!!! With interest rates where they are, people are wanting to exploit the buyers market that we find ourselves in. Inside the changes that are happening, one of them is a limitation on how many mortgages you can have. The limit WAS 10. It is now 4. What does this mean? Even the people with cash cannot get financing. The banks NEED to get back to lending. That is how they make their income; from interest off of loans. What is the ideal client? The ideal client is the investor who is well backed and leveraged with cash on hand. This is a huge mistake in my humble opinion.
I'm glad that George W Bush is out of office. He made a lot of mistakes. But I see some big mistakes being made since then. *sigh*

Thursday, February 5, 2009

more funnies

So I've seen a lot of 404 File not found pages in my 23 years using computers. This is something along the lines of where I'd like to see them go.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


It's so cute! Can we keep it?!?!?! huh? huh? huh? huh? huh? huh? We can name it Vista!!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

NSFW, explicit content, and funny as hell!

So, I saw this video here recently and I about popped a lung from laughing so hard! This is the view of an IT person's hell from his desktop. He's using a virtual machine to "switch" desktop environments. And I have to say that he's pretty good.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


"AFAIK, your cheif genetic imperatives are mating and killing each other"

This is a very objetive and a bit sarcastic view of the human species. It is a quote from a robot in QC.

re: hm comment

that was something that someone said and I was thinking about it. It wasn't what it looked like. Sorry for the lack of elaboration.