Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gay guys/Happy Saint Patrick's

So there where two gay guys out on saint patty's. Did you hear about them? Tommy Fitzpatrick and Patrick Fitzgerald

I hope you's wearin the green or you's Ireesh! Else, I'll be pichin your ass!

Hah! Whatever your heritage, celebrate it. I'm English, Irish, Swedish and German. I guess I should find the other holidays too.

Irish - St Patty's, March 17th
German - Oktoberfest, The couple of weeks-ish leading to the first Sunday in October.
English - Boxing Day, December 26th
Swedish - Midsommarafton (Midsummer's Eve), June 20th this year.

The first two are pretty easy. England along with half of the European world (and Canadia) also celebrate Boxing day. The funny thing is: Boxing day is also my birthday. Midsommarafton is the evening before Midsommardagen, which is to commemorate the summer solstice. There were/are a lot of other silly shenanigans that typically go along with it, but they are a bit over the top and against a few things I believe in. So, I can accept the solstice part of it.

I think I'll look for a holiday each month. (What is there to celebrate in January besides going skiing?) (Now that I'm asking, you guys will throw a brick in my face with some holiday that everyone and their dog celebrates! I know it!) :-D

Anyway, celebrate your roots.

On a side note: I'm thinking about giving a computer away. That felt really good to see the look on the recipient's face last time. (She still needs some support with it, but I don't mind that.)

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  1. Ummm Do you mean New Years Day? I always have a big dinner with the family on Jan 1st as its a national holiday.