Friday, January 4, 2008


I've noticed a reoccurring theme that has been coming up again recently. Women's bloody hearts affecting society. This topic is a bit different though. The topic is that my women friends keep hearing "out of the blue" that they will never be loved. I'll define love as the passionate, mad romance from a man.

One of my favorite things to do in my spare time is to people watch with one other person and practice what I call profiling. Linky to example. I do this any time I get a minute and I'm around people. I learn a lot just from this.

I just had a thought that has been building over the past week or two. Do women feel vulnerable if they feel that they are attractive? I was watching two of my morning regulars in their workout today. They are both pretty thick. I would guess that they are about 40ish pounds overweight (even from being a little on the high side). They are just now getting back to where their weight is not unhealthy. Both of them have been working out here for a couple of years with a trainer buddy of mine. And BOTH of them are divorced. It would seem to me that there is a connection. I'm kinda stupid, so I'm going to say that there is. That is funny to me, but it would make sense. When d-bag David screwed my mom over, she felt completely annihilated. How did she deal with it? She ate food. She needed some form of feeling good. She needed to be loved. Results? She gained a solid amount of weight, most of it was fat.

To look at the converse, if a woman is taken care of, she will want to give whatever her guy wants/needs. As a guy looking at this, I'm only more inspired to accept and encourage the women in my life. If I could give advice based on this new (to me) idea, it would be to accept and enjoy their presence. If you have a significant other, just gush on them. Think about them a lot. Don't live your life with them at the center, but make sure that they are right next to you when you are in the middle of the adventure. If they are taken care of, they will WANT to give you everything that you desire. To relate back a bit, they will WANT to be your trophy wife. They will WANT to look great for you. It certainly won't be for society. #$%^ society! So, take good care of her and she will do the same for you.