Monday, March 30, 2009

Some of you have already seen the new blog. I'm closing this chapter and I leave you with a few words.
From one death comes many a life.
This is Chad Bowman, Good Day!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

in other people's shoes... an idea

One of the main goals in my life for the past few years has been to understand people. There is no absolute goal here; it's just to keep working towards that.

In one of my old employers, the management never even showed their face around the "peons" of the company unless there was something to talk about. They were terrified whenever a GM or a director was around. They were only mildly scared when a manager was around. HAHAHA!!! These are the people that could be HELPING the staff, or "team members" as one of the GMs liked to call it.

I don't think that they realized who their customers really were/are. I can tell you right now who my customers are. I work for a real estate firm. My responsibilities include many things including
- answering the main phone line
- helping agents with computers
- making sure the office runs smoothly
- modifying websites
- maintaining a couple of databases
- assisting with networking (computers AND people) functions/socials

My customers are real estate agents. I work with and help out with property management too, but that's not my main function.

So, my idea..... is to spend part of a day with several (possibly all) agents in my office to look for things that would make their job easier. I could set it up so that I'm their "assistant" for a couple of hours. That way I can see their agenda, watch them work on their projects, hear them talk to people, and feel how they feel things really are. I can walk in their shoes. I might do this for other people too, but I'll start in my office.

Monday, March 23, 2009

New Toy!

So, after three weeks of fighting with her computer, my roommate gave up and bought a new one. She asked if I could recover her data (photos, music, etc) and I could/did that for her. Then she surprised me by GIVING it to me!

Linky: HP DV6000 / give or take on TigerDirect

I immediately wiped XP and loaded Fedora 10. I'm having some fun trying to get the wireless NIC running, but other than that: I'm psyched! Anyone know of a battery utility? I think I'm gonna have to get a new one. *cringe* Ah well! I've been messing with and configuring Conky for it too! NEW TOYS!!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

definition: Vista

(blōt´wãr) (n.) jargon Software that has lots of features and requires considerable disk space and RAM. As the cost of RAM and disk storage has decreased, there has been a growing trend among software developers to disregard the size of applications
. Some people refer to this trend as creeping featuritis. If creeping featuritis is the symptom, bloatware is the disease.
It's actually the definition for "bloatware." Either way, it makes me happy.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gay guys/Happy Saint Patrick's

So there where two gay guys out on saint patty's. Did you hear about them? Tommy Fitzpatrick and Patrick Fitzgerald

I hope you's wearin the green or you's Ireesh! Else, I'll be pichin your ass!

Hah! Whatever your heritage, celebrate it. I'm English, Irish, Swedish and German. I guess I should find the other holidays too.

Irish - St Patty's, March 17th
German - Oktoberfest, The couple of weeks-ish leading to the first Sunday in October.
English - Boxing Day, December 26th
Swedish - Midsommarafton (Midsummer's Eve), June 20th this year.

The first two are pretty easy. England along with half of the European world (and Canadia) also celebrate Boxing day. The funny thing is: Boxing day is also my birthday. Midsommarafton is the evening before Midsommardagen, which is to commemorate the summer solstice. There were/are a lot of other silly shenanigans that typically go along with it, but they are a bit over the top and against a few things I believe in. So, I can accept the solstice part of it.

I think I'll look for a holiday each month. (What is there to celebrate in January besides going skiing?) (Now that I'm asking, you guys will throw a brick in my face with some holiday that everyone and their dog celebrates! I know it!) :-D

Anyway, celebrate your roots.

On a side note: I'm thinking about giving a computer away. That felt really good to see the look on the recipient's face last time. (She still needs some support with it, but I don't mind that.)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

the funny things I hear

in real estate...


Eloquence, good reading

The ability to articulate has always been a challenge for me. It seemed for a while that I could not communicate in any real clear form (mainly HS and into college). This has since changed some, but not a lot. My end goal doesn't really exist. I desire to work. I want to continue laboring in my quest of becoming more and more articulate. (So I guess I should try to stop swearing so much! HAH!)

This morning I feel the desire to read something inspiring. I'm not surrounded by inspiration. I understand that few people are. To the contrary, we are engulfed in dirt and depression. I found myself actually reading a news article! (linky) The news has become so negative that you have to dig to find something even remotely positive. For this reason, I have basically quit reading the news. It's usually something like "Disaster on Wall Street Thickens" or "Experts say we are screwed" or "Another kid went crazy with a howitzer!" I'm good. I don't really care to hear about that. I WOULD like to read things that are positive and encouraging. (I know, I'm just crazy! Who would want to read such silliness?!)

Anyway, backish on point. If you have something that you have found inspiring, please send it to me! Maybe I can do a reply post for each or just a compilation of what you guys send me. This can also include a passage from a book you enjoyed. Just make sure that you include pertinent info (title, author, page number, et al).

Friday, March 6, 2009

This makes me laugh so hard! Don't worry! The link didn't work for me either! After being slashdotted, they probably realized their ignorance and pulled it! I have to laugh when someone who doesn't know anything about the topic tries to "educate" those below them! I shudder to imagine the other mistakes the LEADING tech group for the state is making. *insert a horrid vomiting feeling in stomach here*

I beg you, my readers, to ask questions about things that you do not understand before giving advice. PLEASE! Read! Early and often! Read for education and not just entertainment! If you don't know something, ask someone (or several people) who does know about it! Be good leaders by asking TONS of questions before making decisions.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Once in a while.... meet someone. This someone is bigger than they appear. They are more than a colleague. They are more than the simple job they do. They are more than the work they put out. They are more than what they say.

They share their wisdom and God knows that ALL of us could use more than that. They encourage us more than we realize. They light things up in a way that we don't see. And usually they do it when we can't see. They show us how to make things happen.

Most people can show us when we mess up. These people show us how to become better. These people show us how things work. These people are direct and explain things clearly.

Their wisdom shines brighter than the toys we play with. Their humor makes people WANT to be called into their offices. Their frequencies are abodes for everyone who needs one at the moment needed. Their demeanor encourages peace and calmness in those with which they interact.

In my few years on this 3rd rock from the sun, I have had the honor of meeting and knowing a few of these people. I am thankful for each one.

Monday, March 2, 2009


Well, Bacon found a new home. I posted on CL for a free monitor and a 19" showed up the next day! I hooked it up for her and got almost everything set. I need to spend an hour fixing flash and installing OOo. But things are set and she is using it! It's a good day!