Thursday, October 30, 2008

I am an open book sometimes

Solvo informatio!

Monday, October 27, 2008


I find that the romance in my life is frustrating in recent months. The funny thing is that I don't want kids. Now, I love kids! They are a blast! But I don't have the desire for having my own. This, translated, means that my options for dating are cut down to almost null. My ex and I broke up for several reasons and among them was a difference of opinion here. She wants kids.
I find that most women want kids. They may not all want them right now, but definitely in the future. At first, I thought this was frustrating. Now, I think it's funny. I started basically a survey to find out roughly the ratio of women who want kids to those who do not. I'd guess that I've asked a little over 100 in the past month or so. All but 3 want kids. Two of them are married; one to a man and the other to her job. I hear that the third is currently in a relationship. There is a qualifier to be considered as I see many more women than 100 in a month: they must be within my dating age range (22-31) and not obviously married. I just keep on laughing!

Anyway, enlightenment! I was reading a pretty good book the other day and read:
"You see, what we have now is a world of uninitiated men. Partial Men. ... The passing on of masculinity was never completed, if it was begun at all. ... That's why most of us are Unfinished men. And therefore unable to truly live as men in whatever life throws at us. And unable to pass on to our sons and daughters what they need to become whole and holy men and women themselves."
Then things started to make sense a little bit. You see, I've always enjoyed being a teacher and/or adviser. Now, I'm not real sure what that entails, but this is what my gut is telling me. I wonder where it will take me.