Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Chasm TR

My wussie, erm buddy, Ken is getting ready to do some hiking in Japan in a couple of weeks. So, we decided (not real sure where or how) to do some warm-up hikes. This past Sunday we ran up to Chasm Lake. It's really pretty looking up at the cirque that surrounds it. 2:00 up and 1:15 back.
We didn't run into anything crazy. There were a lot of kids (like 200 kids younger than 15) in the first couple of miles. Then we ran into the occasional group of tech climbers. I had read that the summit was still technical due to the snow melting slower than usual. I'm optimistic that it will break in the next couple of weeks and we can make a summit bid. But we will see. We only had to cross a couple of snow patches and they were mild in difficulty. I'm sure that the trail will be dry come mid-August. I think that a summit bid will be safe at that point too.
Anyway, the trail was clear minus a little bit of snow as we crossed into the Chasm Meadow. It was a good day for sure.

Monday, July 21, 2008

mountain pics

I've had a few requests for some pictures of my hiking/climbing adventures recently. So, here you go!
This photo is of the hole in the rock at Chasm View, just below the cables route.

This is the sunrise that same morning from Chasm View. ~13,000ft
This photo was taken by my hiking partner at the time. It was just beginning to rain.
the first two pics here are pretty cool too.