Thursday, August 30, 2007


Yesterday was a blur for me. My work schedule sends me to bed at about 930am on Wednesdays. I got up at about 2pm and had lunch. At 530, I went to the yoga class at my gym. I don't know why people laugh at guys in that class. I honestly don't. That stuff was HARD! The initial stretching was really good and I realized how inflexible I really am. I figured that my history of climbing would help. Heh! Anyway, after a solid workout of yoga movements, the instructor basically put me to sleep with this weird focus on breathing. My mind just shut down. I was never actually asleep, but I remember laying on the mat and some girl coughed. The sound hurt. It actually caused me pain. It was like taking a knife to each one of my ears and shoving at the same time. A minute or two after, we all sort of woke up and left. That was definitely one of the oddest experiences I've ever had. It also relaxed me more than I realized until later.

I've been on a break from poker for the past couple of weeks. I wasn't playing badly, but I didn't have the touch that I have when I run a table over. I was snapped off in marginal situations where I was ahead and nothing seemed to be working. Anyway, a couple friends of mine had their break-in game for their new table last night. It was really fun. I was never uncomfortable or out of my zone all night. That seemed amazing to me as most of the major players in the FoCo area where there. Oh yeah, Jason showed up and tried to run the table over in the first few hands. AHAHAHAHA! Ramming 92o up his ass was grand! I really feel like the break helped me with my focus and patience. It seems like every time I come back from a break the game just flows easier and I make fewer mistakes. Anyway, sick night.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Women are crazy

I have to laugh every time someone tells me this. The truth is, well, they ARE. ALL of them are crazy on some level. Yes, ALL of them.

I find that the more I deal with them, the more that I realize that even they don't understand themselves. This is at least up to age 22. They can be irrational, emotionally ADD, and downright hard to deal with at times.

One of the things that I hear from any given female is "I'm just crazay!" Well, yeah, but that's who they are. They are goofy, dorky, funny people. And they have a ball doing it. I think this is what makes them beautiful. And I could be wrong, but I think most guys would agree. Girls love to laugh. They will laugh at the slightest notion of silliness. This what I like to call, plain and simply, "dorkiness." And they will be dorks themselves if someone else isn't doing it for them. I can't remember a girlfriend that I didn't call a dork at some point or another and this is why.

When a girl is unsure of someone, she won't be as apt to be a dork around that person. She won't let her "true colors" shine. She is afraid of being made fun of for her dorkiness. This is only one reason that I try to make everyone comfortable around me. If I'm experiencing people, I want the real deal (guys and girls). Life just seems better.

I think I'll stick to it this time...

I've sworn off women again. I'd like to tell you why though. It seems that all women are crazy (see my other post), but they are all seemingly wanting to ruin my day. So I'm done with it. If some girl thinks I am a "challenge," well, she's in for a big surprise. I think that I'll crawl into an academic hole until next summer. Maybe I'll raise my standards too. Or maybe I should define them a little more in my own mind.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


This past Sunday, I had the opportunity to take what will possibly be the most beautiful hike of my life. Now, I am a man. My spirit belongs in the wild. Where nothing else can survive, I flourish.

Its a long way in from the road. The trail is demanding and narrow. Most people don't make it and fewer still come back.

After miles of trail, it disappears. Only rocks and boulders are left. I continue upward. Darkness surrounds me. My legs ache. My mind is exhausted from my regular life. I need rest. I need to be home.

As I reach the top of the scree, I am greeted by a warm sunrise. It climbs over the horizon with slow and deliberate movement. I wait. A moment for the valley to be illuminated, I wait. The cool fluid flows over my head, each droplet finding a hair to cling too. I strip off my sweat-soaked shirt and wring it out. The warm sun hugs me like a masseuse. I am almost there.

After the rope is clipped and my things are repacked, I swing around the rock and sit into my harness. As I become still, I look up at that awe-inspiring rock and stop for a second. Right at that moment, the valley lights up with grays and greens and blues, along with a gold tone over everything.

I dance over the painted rock as I descend the thousand foot face. Years of fluid stains the granite with blacks and dark greens. Soon, I am surrounded by the greenest of grass you've ever seen. I descend a little further to boulders that rest next to the lake.

The lake is a very cool deep blue. The rocks penetrate into it's depths. The surface is as smooth as glass. The silver walls are reflected perfectly off of the mirror in front of me. Most of the rocks are sharp and rough. My rock is smooth and flat. The lake is surrounded by the tallest walls, like a fortress. The walls climb into oblivion as though they are trying to touch the sky. After some nourishment, I drift off to the sweet slumber of home.